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More Than a Game

This past Friday, as is every Friday at TRA, was House Lunch.  The House teams meet while eating lunch and conversing and/or planning and then gather to do a project, play tournament games or engage in service for the school or community.  This was a tournament day and the houses battled in an EPIC game of capture the flag.  Highlights of this bonding game included: 1. Seeing some of our new students become key players for their house and a few become flag-capturing heroes!  2. Watching students who are more inclined to outdoor activity than indoor academics, find joy and success in working hard with their multi-grade team of TRA students. 3. But most heartening and bonding of all was the participation of the teachers of those students. More than a dozen red-shirted students streamed after Mr. Hettick as he ran with their flag toward his safe zone. He was caught! Several teachers attempted to stop some of the upper-class students from stealing their team’s flag and when outright speed failed them, there may have been a sort of wrap up capture that deflated those speedy kids.  

It’s hard to explain, if you weren’t at the park with us, while the sun shone down and the student body enjoyed the thrill of battle together, with their teachers.  Some of the photos might help you capture the feeling.  Maybe next time you should join us



Tall Timber 2017

This Wednesday will mark one of the beloved traditions of The River Academy; the secondary retreat at Tall Timber in Leavenworth. It’s a chance to get excited about the school year ahead, connect with other students and experience God’s presence in the midst of His wondrous creation.

Asked what she likes best about the retreat, one student shared, “Everyone [in secondary] gets a chance to interact, older kids and younger together. The older kids, grades 10-12 get there a day earlier to get ready for the younger students. Everyone gets pumped up for welcoming the younger kids.”

As the 7th to 9th graders arrive, the older students line the drive and welcome them with cheering and celebration. Older students are assigned to younger students and personally greet them, grab their luggage and show them to their cabins. Then everyone goes to a main area and the fun begins as 7th graders and new students are given their House assignments amidst lots of fanfare and excitement.

The next two days are filled with House team-building activities like the High Adventures and the zip lines. There are also times of student led worship, bible studies taught by staff and students and all are encouraged to seek quiet times of spiritual reflection. And of course, some free time to enjoy unstructured fellowship and the beautiful surroundings!

Please join us in praying that our secondary students grow closer to God and to one another as they venture off on this year’s retreat!


End of Year Celebration

The students love this day of fun.  The older students play with the younger and everyone soaks up the sunshine and joy of starting summer together.