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Grammar Highlights

The Grammar phase at The River Academy spans roughly from Kindergarten to sixth grade.  During this time, students spend most of their time acquiring the building blocks of every subject (also known as the grammar of a subject).  Most important in this phase is a mastery in the core concepts necessary for moving on to more challenging material.  In the below highlights you will see how some of the unique subjects taught at The River Academy give students the solid learning base from which they can build greater academic success.

Biblical Foundations:

Early on in a child's education at The River, they begin hearing and learning the stories which make up the scriptures.  This exposure is aimed to impart knowledge, but also to instill love for the Bible.


We use phonics as the basis of our reading curriculum because it teaches students the building blocks of the English language.

English Grammar:

We begin our English Grammar instruction in first grade, knowing that once they are able to identify the parts that make up our language, they will have better mastery of it.


Latin is the root of many modern languages including English.  Over 80% of all English words have Latin roots. Plus, Latin gives students the framework of a language, making future acquisition of other languages more manageable.

Basic Math Facts:

Core to our Math curriculum is an emphasis on mastery of basic math facts like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  While this is not unique to The River, we do spend great amounts of time ensuring students have these facts well memorized so that future math success can be built upon this foundation.

Broad understanding of History:

Students at The River Academy will walk through all of history from Creation to the 20th Century over the course of their six years in Elementary school.  Having this broad understanding prepares them well for future studies and also productive citizenship 

Appreciation of good Literature:

We desire for our students to be excellent readers, but more importantly we desire that they love to read.  With this in mind we see it as our job to expose them to great works of literature.   

Love for Science:

In the Elementary years, students will learn the basics of the scientific method, but mostly they will learn science by experiencing it for themselves with lots of hands on science projects.


All students in the grammar phase have the opportunity to take Art.  Art instruction seeks to both instruct them in the basics of art technique, while also allowing students to discover their own creativity.  

Physical Education:

Elementary students have P.E. each week to build a basic understanding of how to use our physical bodies well, but also to give them well needed time to run and play!